Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday December 5

Good Morning!
I am later getting my blog done today. My daughter or her boyfriend didn't show up to get Allen to school. None of the usual people that my mom call would answer their the secretary of the school came to get him after things settled down for her. I am so tired of this!! My daughter should have just let me homeschool him and we wouldn't be going through this stuff of getting him up early and off to school.

I am also late posting because I started messing with crocheting with the plastic bags. I am starting on making the Barbie dresses for the girls and it's just not going to be as easy as I thought. Once I get them done I will be posting on gather and sharing here.

Today's squidoo lens to share is on Aerosmith. I actually built this one last night. I chose 5 of my favorite songs, put youtube videos as well as the lyrics for each song. I hope you will take a look and enjoy :) Aerosmith Fans

I have a doctor appointment this morning. I have no idea if I have a ride to get there. All I can do is wait and if no one is here to get me by a quarter til then to call and say I don't have transportation and make another appointment. This is why no vehicle sucks!

I think that is all, I will update more tomorrow.
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