Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday October 23

Good morning!
It's still rainy, windy and pretty cold outside. The weather is turning too cold too fast for me. The furnace is running and running. I went ahead and plugged in my space heater down here in the basement last night.
Except for a glitch in the bathroom sink, the plumbing is fixed! The plumber will be back today with the part he needs for that sink. He doesn't repair his damage to walls and such, and not sure if Interfaith Housing will do it, but for us it's worth it just for it all to be fixed.

Today is one of my busy days. This morning we (my mom, myself and my oldest daughter, Elizabeth) all get to get commodities. This will hold us over until the 8th of next month with the Angel Ministry food Liz and I will pick up this Saturday.
After work I take Heather to her math tutoring, then a bit later in the afternoon I take my mom to her dr. appt. I am hoping to get in my Walgreens shopping this afternoon as well.

The gather article I want to share today is on our local flea market. Last Weekend of the Flea Market Hutchinson, KS October 18, 2008 (with photos)
Gather put in their new albums in the photo sharing portion. I spent all afternoon and in to the evening getting my photos put in to albums. It's a pretty neat feature.

I need to move on and see if I can get my winster spins done before we have to go pick up that food. I slept in 20 minutes later than I should have.

Have a blessed day!
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