Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday October 24

Good Morning.
Not a good morning for Jasmine, she is sick to her stomach. It hit my oldest daughter earlier this week. I suppose we will all have to take our turn whether we like it or not.
The only plans I have for today is my flu shot this morning.
Tomorrow's plans include the book sale at the public library, picking up my food order from Angel Foods Ministry and helping to serve at our fundraising German dinner at church from 4-7 pm. So, as you can see, tomorrow would not be a good day for the Lord to decide it's my turn to be sick!!

This week's color at the gather group Rainbow Connection is actually 2 colors, black and orange. I am going to share the photo essay I put in on a monarch butterfly. Fresh From the Cocoon--Black and Orange Photo Essay

I'm hoping for more time today to spend in to get those points really going for my next $50 amazon. For now, I am off to also post this on yuwie and then to play my winster games before heading out for my flu shot.

Have a good day,
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