Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday October 21

Good morning!
I did get a call in to the doctor yesterday morning about my back. They are to call me back if they can squeeze me in this week as the doctor will be out of town next week. That's always the way it goes, and so far they have not called me back so I need to call them back, or just go in to the same day care unit there to be seen.

I did get the 4 new squidoo lenses listed over here on the side.
I also listed all my lenses on my profile at yuwie...doesn't hurt anyway to do so. Not sure if I will end up building anymore or not until I see what these do, other than the book review ones that I have in mind.

It seems I did a lot of posting on gather yesterday...more than usual. Today I would like to announce a contest I am running over there. It's a comment contest and the winner will receive a free one hour party spot at the Under the Rainbow's Christmas Celebration. Contest!! Win a free party spot at Under the Rainbow!

Usual Tuesday stuff today....work, Heather to math tutoring, mom to her dr appt and bowling this evening. With what's going on with my daughter, I don't even look forward to bowling...it's a sad situation.

On a good note, Interfaith Housing has gotten started on the plumbing here. The plumber thought oh, he could just replace the piping under the kitchen sink and it would stop the water from coming down the basement wall...I tried to tell him it was more than that. Now the plumber is in a bad mood because it's going to be a lot more work than he thought, and he's not happy about it! He's started now so I assume he must finish the work. He's to be back here for the day in about 30 minutes.

I'm off for now, so I will leave you with wishes to have the best day that you can.
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