Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday December 13

I have to say good afternoon today. I slept in late. I didn't get my ride to the store yesterday but he called this morning so I've been hopefully stocking up enough we don't have to shop again until next weekend. The weather is nice out but windy. Still taking advantage of the bit warmer weather as it's supposed to get nasty by Sunday evening.

No other real plans for this day. Yesterday the baby ended up sick to her stomach. My daughter did come get her. Now my mom isn't feeling well at the stomach...I'm sure it will make the rounds to all 8 of us, which is just so pleasant....NOT!!

I didn't quite get the one gals prize package stuff made so I will still be working on that today. If I hurry I can get this last washcloth made and her package ready before the mailman comes.

Today's lens I want to feature on squidoo is my coupon and refund story. I hope you will enjoy it. My Coupon/Refund Story

Until tomorrow, have the best day that you can,
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