Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday November 8

Good Morning. So far this morning the wind is down, I sure hope it stays that way, that is what makes me so cold!
My daughter is to pick my mom and me up for grocery shopping sometime before lunch. I'm putting the finishing touches on my grocery list.

I think I got a lot of things done yesterday. I did a lot on yuwie, I posted and posted to gather, I got a lot more coupons cut and filed, I worked on making the dish scrubbies, and I went through just about every paid to click that I belong to. I also got the living room area cleaned and the rug vaccuumed, and the kitchen table all cleared, washed and the rug under the table vaccuumed. I wish that every day could be like Friday, it's just the day that I get the most done.

Today I will share part 2 of the fun in the leaves photos. Fun In The Leaves Part 2 Photos
I did finally get one video to load, maybe there is just something wrong with the Willo one? I will still try it again this morning.

I am off now to get started on what I can before we shop. Have a great Saturday!
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