Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday November 3

Morning to all.
Usually Monday's are pretty good days for me. (Good days mean that I don't have to go many places and have a lot of computer time) That is not the case for this Monday. I had to start out the morning by getting my grandson to school as once again my daughter didn't bother to show up to take him. Then I was informed that my son had to be in court. There went all but an hour of my time on here this morning.
It's my mom's social security payday today, so there goes the entire afternoon as I run her around paying bills and such until supper time.

I got the Halloween photos all resized and such to put in to gather yesterday, but it's still not done. So, I don't have a gather post to share today.

I was on that cleaning and organizing thing most of the time I was home yesterday. I am happy to say that all the books that I have up for auction are now all together on a bookshelf versus the boxes they were piled in to. I also took the time to look through them all. I found 3 that were no longer listed. I will get those relisted.

I didn't do anything with squidoo yesterday other than check in a couple of times to approve comments.
In fact, most of the time I was online I spent at yuwie approving friend requests, approving comments and sending comments myself. It's getting funner as I go along, but taking up a lot of my time.

For now I need to get ready for work, so I will bid you all adeau for this day.
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