Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedesday November 5

It's over and Obama won, which is really what I expected. I guess now we sit back and see if he brings about all this "change" he is promising. Personally I think it's up to the people to change, I'm not sure the government can do it.
Recently I've joined several groups at that have to do with money, saving money, living a more frugal lifestyle etc. I've been finding the posts to be very informative, encouraging and helpful.

I didn't get much done on the computer yesterday and hope to do a lot on here today. I need to really work at gather, catch up on my yuwie comments etc. I also need to get some much needed housework done as well. The rest of this week won't be so full of appointments. Allen is out of school on Friday so that gives me an opportunity to stay up a bit later Thursday evening and sleep in a bit on Friday.

I sat and got a lot of coupons cut out while we bowled last night. I will be working on getting the rest of them cut and sorted through Friday and getting my shopping list made for Saturday. I really must do a lot better on saving at the grocery store than I have been.

For now I am off to do what I can on here before work. I may skip winster today past logging in since I did cash in for another $5 in amazon yesterday. It almost made me late to work though as I was determined to play until I got that million points LOL

Have a great day!
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