Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday November 2

Good Sunday morning to all!
It looks like the weather is going to be beautiful today.
Yesterday I pulled up all the tomato plants from the garden. They were all but dead. The jalapenos, banana peppers and bell pepper plants are still growing, and I hope the freeze will stay away long enough for what is sprouting to be picked.

I completed my vision board last night, or as complete as it's going to be for now. I will share a photo of it when I am done reading the book and do my book review.

I didn't get the Halloween photos prepared and posted to gather, but I did get my weekly Mail Call post done. Mail Call! Week of October 24

I also built a squidoo lens on crafts as gifts. This lens is to share crafts that I have made as gifts with more to be added as I make more items that I give as gifts. Crafts As Gifts

Part of my vision board are the words CLEAN and ORGANIZED, so I started on that vision last night here in the basement. Once I get this basement cleaned and organized again I have told the kids it will stay that way! Also once I get it done down here I will start working on the mess upstairs. Another picture on my board is a nice kitchen. Mom's kitchen needs a lot of work to be the way that I want a kitchen to be. That will be the first place that I start upstairs.

Time for me to get kids to Sunday school, so until tomorrow, have a blessed day.
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