Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday October 18

Good morning! I slept in again this fine Saturday. Then I let my grandson play on the computer and I got a bath and things before getting on here.
Mom is wanting me to head down to the farmer's market to spend the last $4 of her government checks there. I will go, they are to reveal a new mural that was painted today and next week is the last week of the season anyway.

I did get 2 more squidoo lenses built yesterday. One is a book review of Summer Sisters by Judy Blume and the other is on the Power Rangers....this one is for Allen Jr. I hope you will check both out from the left in my list here.

Today I am going to share part 3 of my Rod Run photos on gather. I still have 2 more parts to post. Neat looking cars though that take a lot of money to own. Rod Run Octover 3-5, 2008 Photos Part 3

I need to finish up these dish scrubbie orders and get Bonnie's coasters and hot pads completed today...hopefully before the mail man comes. Guess I better make that run to the farmer's market so I can get those done while I click on here.

Have a very blessed day,
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