Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday October 16

Good Morning!
Yesterday was a pretty long day. I didn't get back on the computer until 5 pm with all my running (most of the time spent at the laundry mat) Then, I ended up staying at Awanas with the girls. For some reason they kept crying when I tried to leave.
I didn't get the tire done yesterday so need to fit that in today around Heather's math tutoring and my mom's doctor appt.
They cancelled Jasmine's dental appt for tomorrow moving it clear to Nov. 20. I keep thinking there is something I need to do away from home, but for the most part that could be my day to finally really work on my email.
I also still have 7 or 8 squidoo lenses I want to get built. I also need to finish up a couple more dish scrubbies and 3 more coasters and get these 2 craft orders in the mail.

Yesterday I got part 1 of the photos from the Rod Run in at gather. We took quite a few photos so it will probably take 5 parts to get them all in. I love the classic cars. Rod Run October 3-5, 2008 Photos Part 1

My mom and my daughter are about to be off to pick up their commodity foods. Next week I get to pick up mine. It sure is a help!

Have a blessed day!
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