Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday October 14

Let's start the morning out by my daughter not showing up to take Allen to school and the battery in my van dead. (sigh)
Thankfully I remembered Steve is on vacation this week so he just took Allen to school and will come back to jump start my van.

This is my busy day...work, take Heather to math tutoring, take my mom to the dr, have supper and head to the bowling alley. We are short one bowler on our team because one man quit, and another man on our team broke his ankle this week so we have to find him a sub. (sigh again)

I didn't do anymore squidoo lenses yesterday but will try to build a couple more tomorrow.

I would like to share the photo Essay I did on our church celebration today in gather. Zion Lutheran Church 120th Anniversary October 4th

Now I better stop typing and go get the van ready to be jump started. It's still raining today. The rain is supposed to stop today and the days warm up a bit more the rest of the week.

Have a good day!
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