Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday October 13

Happy Monday. Happy Columbus Day. No holiday for the schools today, but banks and the post office are closed. I don't like no mail days.
I've had major lower back pain since Friday evening so I'm not sure how work will go. I'm actually hoping that while bending to set my table I will bend just right to put it back in to place.

It's raining and a bit cooler here today, and is supposed to be the same tomorrow.
No real plans today other than whatever I can get done on the computer.

I built 2 more squidoo lenses last night and listed them to the left. One on Fat Albert and the other on Hannah Montana.

Today's I will share my weekly mail call post from gather. Mail Call! Week of October 5

I think that is all for this day. I hope you have a very blessed day!
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