Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday--Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshineJust a heads up from the start.  I really doubt that I will be doing more than a Merry Christmas post next weekend  :)  We will be super busy Saturday all day with 2 families and then church.

As a reminder, here are my current goals:  (may re-think them for the new year, not sure yet)

1.  Build a new squidoo lens or update a previous lens each day.
2.  Post at least 3 things a week to redgage.
3.  Post 2 things a week into my etsy store and continue to move other things to my zibbet store.
4.  Keep up with the reviews and regular postings to my blog.
5.  Sew at least a little bit each day. (this goes with accomplishing goal 3)

I have been doing pretty well with #1--will head in there after I am done with this post for today's updating.

I just went to redgage and posted 3 photos.  I was a little disappointed that the 3 videos I had posted to youtube this past week weren't auto added to redgage?  They used to be.  I know my wedding video was as I rec'd comments on it, but I can't even find it in my account now.  This is one that needs to change for the new year.  It didn't take me long at all to add the 3 photos, so why can't I take the time to make it to redgage daily?  I accepted more friend requests and left lots of comments while I was in there too.

I posted 3 items for sale this week in my etsy store.  I must add to this goal to move at least one item per day from etsy over to zibbet!
I am thinking for best results and sales I really must have a minimum of 50 items in my stores to choose from.  Getting to that on zibbet won't be a problem if I just get busy transferring them over.  With the free account on zibbet, 50 listings is your limit.  I am perfectly fine with that number.
Yes, #4--still keeping up with regular postings on my blog, but still need to work on those reviews.  In fact, I really need to review an album yet today and get that up along with a giveaway.
#5---I have indeed made it in to my craft room for some sewing each day this past week.  A couple of the days weren't more than 10 or 15 minutes, but I am happy with that too!
That looks like that's it for this week's report.  I will be working more this week to finish up Christmas gifts and wrapping.
Thanks again to Ruth of abitosunshine for hosting this shop hop each week.  Please click the button at the top to learn more about it, post your own link, and/or support others who are working from home. 
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