Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homeschool Journal--Finally a Good Week

Finally we had a good full school week this past week.  My tracking book and times look great.  We made it through every subject 4 days last week!

We are taking a little bit of a math break.  Jasmine is doing problems daily on the dry erase board, but otherwise we have been watching videos and reading out loud in a book put out by Barnes and Noble called Basics--Saving Money.  In the Introduction to Business text book there is always a section at the end of each chapter that also is a bunch of math too.  After the holidays we will hit it hard again.

We are still reading books about Greece.  We have 4 books yet to finish.  Some are smaller, but the photos in them are great.  We are getting repeat lessons from different books, but that's ok...drilling it in to our heads more.  I'm wondering what country she will want to learn more about next.  It was going to be England because her youth group was planning a trip there in March.  They weren't able to raise all of the money needed for the trip so they are not going to be able to go.  They will go somewhere in the states now.

I don't have any photos to share yet again this week of Jasmine.  I told her that I need to work on that.

This week is going to be another good week for schoolwork, then we are pretty much taking off the next 2 weeks.  There are some things we will still do daily such as our devotions and some reading here and there.  Next week will be candy making and baking week.  I will get lots of pictures then!

I'm going to stop babbling for now.  We are about to head out the door to church for our weekly Tuesday morning Bible study.  Then it's off for our weekly trip to the public library.

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