Monday, November 7, 2011

Mailbox Monday--Two Week Catch Up

I got so busy last weekend with Halloween that I didn't find the time to do my mail call post, so this is a double week post.
Week of October 23:
I'm not going to do a full list as you can see in the picture what I got.  The Sour Patch candy I traded some of my gsn points for.  Silly I know, but I knew Jasmine would eat them right away.  Also from the week before I found Seventeen magazine, Good Housekeeping magazine and 3 pieces of hausernet mail that the kids had down from my mail spot.
In this picture a friend sent me both the Coke caps and 12 pack codes as well as the phone card.  The Voice is my next book to review with booksneeze.  The syrups are for review with free coupons to giveaway on my blog from shespeaks.

In my email for the 2 weeks I rec'd: $10 paypal from gather and $10 paypal from superpoints.  Not so great on that part.  I also sold a book through as well as had money put into my checking account from previous book sales on
I rec'd my check from church for cleaning in October as well.

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