Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeschool Journal---Yikes!!

I titled this week Yikes!! because it was not a good week for book work last week.

Sunday was the usual church service in the morning.  In the afternoon we did make cake balls, so that was home ec.

Monday was Halloween.  It was a crazy day of preparing.  Jasmine is pictured to the side in her costume.  You have to understand, she never dresses up like this, therefore a costume.  She said she was a princess and borrowed the dress from a friend.

Monday afternoon she and I finished up the cake pops for more home ec.  They are pictured below, and were part of a cookbook review I was doing.  Otherwise, she did a LOT of walking for exercise with her teenage friends in the evening.

Tuesday brought the usual morning of Bible study at church.  I can not even tell you what the rest of the day was!  

Wednesday we decided it was time to clean the house....and that is exactly what we did ALL day.

Thursday was supposed to be a good "school day" but we somehow managed to only do devotions, math and English.

Friday, thank goodness, we did get in what I call a full school day.  By full school day I mean that we got to each and every subject for the day.

I'm so thankful that this week started out so much better......but that is next week's post.  Have a great week!

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