Friday, November 11, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up--4 Uses for Corn Starch

This week has flown by--Friday is already here.  Also, Happy Veteran's Day to all. 

I do have a couple of posts I will share in the linky this week.  What I didn't post about was my small trip to Walgreen's.  I spent $3.11 and brought home Purex detergent, 10 Christmas bags and the lip care item that was on the RR.  I rec'd $2 RR for the lip care item.  Not much but still a pretty good deal.
I buy the Christmas bags when they are on sale 10 for $1.  I need a lot more yet.  Everyone on my list will receive a bag of goodies.

I've been working on my coupons this week.  I let myself get 4 weeks behind in cutting again.  This is not a good thing!

I just thought of something else.  I re-purposed 2 pairs of my pajama pants.  I cut one leg of each in to strips for the flannel toothbrush rug I am making.  The rest I cut into rags to use for cleaning.

 Now on to the 4 uses for corn starch.  These are taken from the 99 Cent Solutions book.

1.  Untangle a shoelace.  Sprinkle the knot generously with cornstarch, and then work the knot.  The laces will start to slip and slide and you will be able to get the kinks out.

2.  Clean up oily furniture.  If you got a little enthusiastic with your lemon oil (or Scott's Liquid Gold), sprinkle cornstarch over the surface and leave it for a few minutes to absorb the excess.  Wipe up the cornstarch, then buff to a shine with a soft cloth.

3.  Remove a scorch mark.  Scorch your clothing with the iron?  Douse the scorch with water (not on the ironing board!), then rub a generous amount of corn starch into the stain.  When the cornstarch is dry, the stain will rinse out with the powder.  This also works on bloodstains, but a second treatment may be needed before washing.

4.  Make a gentle silver cleaner.  Mix cornstarch with water to make a thick paste.  Rub it on the silver and let it dry.  Buff it off with a lint-free cloth to bring up the shine.  This is a lot less harsh than chemicals and won't remove all the tarnish from a complicated pattern.  Many silver lovers prefer this because it throws a beautiful pattern into stunning relief.

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