Thursday, November 10, 2011

Salvation Army Clothing Sack Sale

Last Saturday we went to the Salvation Army. We went to get my daughter a free coat. We didn't expect to find that they were having a sack sale on clothing. $7 for all you could put into one of the re-usable shopping bags.

It wasn't in the plans, but I grabbed a bag and Jasmine and I started looking around. I'm pretty happy with what we got...which is all pictured below.

I also found out that they have this sale the first Saturday of each month.

Here I am wearing a pair of jeans and comfy cozy sweater that I got. I'm also wearing a bra that I got. One that finally fits me just right. Of course I'm not showing it to you. LOL

In this one Jasmine is wearing one of the skirts she got, along with a shirt she got.

Here is the rest of what we were able to buy:A full skirt for Jasmine, a pair of pants for Jasmine that didn't fit, a pair of socks for Jasmine, a pair of pantyhose for Jasmine, a super cute snowman sweater for me to wear all December, 3 pairs of slacks for me that I've not tried on yet, a slip for me, a yellow skirt and shirt for me, a cute black top for me, a second bra for me that I've not tried on yet, and a white sweater for me.

I am very pleased with what we were able to get for the money.  At the register when they took our things our of the re-usable bag, it filled up 2 of the plastic grocery bags.
We plan on going back the first Saturday in December.
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