Thursday, November 10, 2011

Squidoo Hopping Linky--Open Graph Tags, Giant Squids, and Facebook Module

First of all---what exactly are the Open  Graph Tags?  I messed with them yesterday.  When it gives suggestions it appears if you make a selection from the drop down it will then attach on to someone else's facebook?
I built This Day in History July 30 and the open graph tag when I put other and then History gave me History channel at the top.  I did go ahead and click that one.
When I was updating Homeschool--Books Used 2011/2012 one of the choices in the drop down was Hip Homeschool Mom, which is a blog that I participate in each week.  However, I didn't think I should put that since it's not my facebook page.  I chose none of these match.
I updated my Giant Sunflowers lens and I did choose Sunflowers for the open graph, but really don't know who or what facebook that is. (Still assuming this is facebook related)
I could sure use some help in understanding the open graph tags please.

Back to the Homeschool--Books Used 2011/2012---I still can not get the facebook fanpage module to work.  Gale got hers to work fine just putting in her url.  I have my url in and nothing.  It seems to want those numbers that I originally had before I got the 25 plus likes and now have marshasspot on the end of my url.

Finally--I had no clue that 2 or 3 months ago giant squid status was taken away from us and we had to re-apply.    I found this out in the forum attempting to get some advice on my Earn With Marsha page.   Since, I understood that as a Giant Squid your lenses weren't checked for "bad things".  Someone replied that it didn't seem I was a giant squid any longer!  I found out you now have to apply at 25 lenses, 50, 75, and 100.   I put in my application and was approved for Giant Squid 25.  After I build a few more I will apply for 50 and so on.
Speaking of the Earn With Marsha---it's raising in the ranks as I've asked for help.  At first the pop up told me I couldn't link to clixsense, hits4pay and neobux.  So, I went back and took out those links, adding under each to contact me if interested.  I hit publish and then it told me I had too many spammy words.....then goes on to tell me that they aren't going to tell me what these phrases are, to go back and look it over and try again to fix it.  Wouldn't it be easier if they would just tell me what phrases need to be changed???  I put it in to be reviewed manually.  It will probably end up being deleted, which isn't fair since there are hundreds of other lenses where others are promoting paid to clicks and such.

That is all for me this week.   I do hope you will give some lens love to the lenses highlighted in my post.  I also hope you will hop along with us this week as well.

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