Monday, November 28, 2011

Mailbox Monday 11/28/11

I would say that I had a very good week this past week. I forgot a few things in the first photo, and my bzzkit is in a picture of it's own, so I have 3 pictures this week.
I received:
2 issues of People
2 issues of Ok!
2 issues of Entertainment Weekly
Sports Illustrated
Good Housekeeping
My jingit Visa debit card!!!  (and pout my earnings right on it)  If you haven't signed up for jingit you earn up to $5 a week for watching ads.  For each referral you earn an additional .25 a week up to $10.  You are paid with a Visa debit card.  This referral link is my daughters.  I am trying to help her be able to earn more per week.
Jerky Direct autoship (paid for by my downline)
Smiley360 Simply Saline Neti Pot Kit info
cigarette coupons
Private Selections bzzagent campaign kit
Several pieces of hausernet mail
The Christmas items weren't exactly free--I won them on listia for very little points but did have to pay $2 to help with shipping.  However, I'm very pleased with everything that was stuffed in that little box you see in the back of the photo.

In my email this week was an order from my etsy store.

Frugal Friend

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