Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday--I Joined Quilt Guild!

That's my big news for today! I went to the monthly quilt guild meeting here in my town. I had so much fun! They meet the last Monday of the month at 9 am. This past meeting the program was mini-demos. We were taught how to make flying geese squares along with a printed instruction sheet. We were taught how to use a binding tool and given written instructions. We were taught how to make folded hot pads and given written instructions for those as well. The last lady showed us so many things that you can make with the pre-printed panels.
After the meeting I got some one on one instructions for the hot pads. I have made 2 now. They aren't perfect...I am having trouble with the sandwiching and the material slipping---any advice on that? I have materials cut for 2 more as pictured below:

My biggest WIP this past week has been trying to re-claim my craft room. With the granddaughters not sleeping in there anymore, I thought it would just be so easy to box up all their stuff. It wasn't as easy as I imagined as there is still a mess in there. I've been forgetting to talk about this wonderful crafting desk that I bought at a yard sale for just $5!!!! I've been hankering since I bought it Oct. 29 to get to using it. This desk is a dream for me. I've seen similar in blogs. When both leafs are up it measures just under 8 feet long. It just under 2 1/2 ft from front to back. There are 3 drawers on each side and one in the middle, and an additional drawer in the middle on the front side. I have pretty much filled up the drawers now with smaller items. I can't wait now to get the cubby organizers that I want and really put my work room in order. Here is a picture of my craft table with lots of projects on top of it. Projects include the squares I am making for a flower quilt....material to make a table runner....squares for a quilt top I am making for church....bibs that need snaps. (In the picture above you will see that one end of the desk now holds my cutting mat)

Time to be off and see what others are working on. I am linking up with these blogs:

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