Thursday, December 1, 2011

Squidoo Hopping--All Those Wishlists!

Wishlists seems to be the in thing right now with Christmas around the corner......and all the lenses of lists for boys, girls, moms, etc etc.
I made my own--Grandma's Christmas Wishlist.  I just updated it to add in 2 more things I remembered last night.   This, is also my goal list as I won't get any of it as gifts.  Ok, so my goal list is where I came up with the list to begin with  LOL   I wonder if any of my choices are on your list?

I also updated Learning About Greece to add in a couple more photos and 2 more books.  I am adding a new picture for each book we finish.  We  still have 5 books to read about Greece so this one will continue to grow.

Homeschool--Books Used For 2011/2012 was at the bottom of the list with a ranking close to 500,000---yikes!  I added another photo there and another book....and a black box module directing to the Learning About Greece lens.  It's somehow moved to a rank of 140,000 which is cool. 

I still can't get the facebook fan page module to work.  I still need to totally re-do my etsy lens.  My etsy store is looking slim since when items expire I am moving them to zibbet instead of paing to re-list them in etsy.  Also, I have been selling things---3 orders in the past 2 days.   I'm going to put in my zibbet banner to direct them there when I update it.  Typing this is making me want to stop everything else and go get that done.  I will make that a to-do for today, definitely!

In the meantime, I do hope to see several link ups this week.  Isn't squidoo great?

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