Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sir Castanon Puppeteer Album Review and Giveaway!

Official Bio:

From the moment he steps on stage, it’s clear that Sir Castanon is not the typical young pop artist.

Inspired by the unapologetic avant garde of Lady Gaga and the showmanship of Adam Lambert, Sir Castanon feels strongly about having the element of theater in his music. Originally from Denver, CO, the 14 year-old performer began his professional music career at age 11, writing songs and developing his dramatic image. In addition to his songwriting skills and vocal prowess, he also personally designs his own stage attire stage attire.

As he puts it, “Anybody can be a singer if they wanted to, but I try my best to be a true artist.”

On his debut album Puppeteer, released in December 2010, Sir Castanon showcases his keen dance-pop sensibilities on such standouts as “Chandelier” and title track, which is also the lead single and video. “Puppeteer” was also nominated for Pop Single of the Year at the 2011 LA Music Awards, and Sir Castanon himself is a nominee for Pop Artist of the Year.

Sir Castanon now calls Los Angeles home and divides his time between music and his successful acting career. He starred in the hit comedy Click alongside Adam Sandler, and he has extensive TV credits, including NCIS, ER and Crossing Jordan. His performances in Ghost Whisperer as well as Comanche Moon with Val Kilmer earned him two coveted Young Artist Awards.

In spring 2011, Sir Castanon joined forces with over 40 teen celebrities to record "If the Earth Could Speak,” raising funds to aid the children of Japan. The music video was directed by "We Are the World" Grammy winning director, Tom Trbvovich. The song was written and produced by multi-platinum music producers Drew Lane and Evelyn Vaccaro.

Combining undeniable pop hooks with a flair for the dramatic, Sir Castanon is nothing short of a household name in the making.

To follow his journey, please visit –

Song titles on the Puppeteer album include:
Shadow Dancing
Cry Baby
You Got It
Make My Day
Let Go
Neon and

My review:
I was surprised after listening to some of the songs to find out that Sir Castanon is just 14 yrs old. And barely too as he just turned 14 in August. I was also surprised to read about all of his acting roles on various tv shows.

I really enjoyed the pop music on this cd. I can't even pick out a favorite song. They all have good beats to them. I see him as a rising star for sure.

I have a daughter who will be 15 next month. I pulled her in to the room to listen to the songs. She says they are ok, and some of them she really did like like You Got It and Make My Day. She tells me a lot of her friends are in to this type of music.

Check out this video of Shadow Dancing:

Disclaimer: LaFamos PR send me a download of the album for the purpose of my review. I was not compensated in any other way for the review. Any opinions given are my own. LaFamos is providing the winner of the giveaway with a physical copy of the CD.

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