Thursday, September 29, 2011

Squidoo Hopping Linky 9/29/11--More for Charity

Happy Squidoo Thursday!

I'm still on my march to get all of my lenses where 10% is being donated to charity. I do wish there was some charity related to music. I would like the charity to somewhat match what the lens is about. There are so many charities to choose from. A lot of them however, are city or area specific. For example, I chose one before that I thought was to help all across America to needy families to provide a Thanksgiving meal. Once I chose it I realized it was just one town. I don't even know which state this town is in! Oh well, I did keep it on the lens.

I went in and updated my Elvis Presley lens to add as the charity. While I was there I seen that one of the videos was no longer available so I changed that out as well.

I also updated my Trunk or Treat lens. This was on the prompting of squidoo to change it's topic so it would be in the Halloween magazine. I did change the topic as well as added for the charity as well.

I have a notebook with my lenses written in it. They aren't in any particular order really. I started my list by going down my list of lenses and then have just added each one as I made them. I'm trying to stay in an order of the pages for the most part as I update to add a charity. It's easier for me to keep track that way and assures that the older lenses are getting some love.

Last week after reading Gale's blog post from the linky I updated my Legos lens. Gale's son put together a Lego lens and I added his to my list of featured lenses.

That's it for my report today. I hope to see many link up. Keep me squidoo hopping please! I am in hopes of getting at least one new lens built next week.

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