Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Over 50% Savings at Wal Mart

I know that 50% savings doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it was great...and fun too.
If we had bought only items with coupons we would have had about an 85% savings!

We bought these items without coupons:
All You Magazine (there were several coupons in my home issue that I knew I wanted more of)
dry cat food
canned cat food
fish food
lunch meat
shredded cheese
2 ltrs of soda
bread and

Here are the deals:
Carnation Instant Breakfast--$4.96 - $1 coupon
9 Cascade Complete 3 pack trial packs at .97 each.  I used 6 $1 coupons for a total of .18 overage.  I also used 3-.50 coupons.   This made each one just under .14 each.
3 Degree travel size deoderants at .97 each--used 3-$1 coupons for .09 overage.
2 Head & Shoulders travel size at .97 each.  Used 2-$1 coupons for .06 overage
2 Schick disposable razor 12 packs at $2.97 each.  Used $6/2 coupon for .06 overage
3- Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioners at .97 each.  Used 3-$1 coupons for .09 ovrage
Ben Gay Ultra Strength at $5.98--used $5 coupon making it .98  (I needed this for sore muscles!)
2-Oxy Clean Sprays at $2.77 each.  Used $3/2 coupon making them $1.27 each. 
Crave Cat treats at $1.47--used free coupon
Activia French at $1--used free coupon

In total we spent $30.73 and I used $32.97 in coupons.   $4.75 of what we paid was sales tax.

By my calculations if we had just bought the items with coupons we would have spent $11.74--however when I add up the items without coupons and their sales tax I come up with we would have only spent $9.59.  I know for some reason some of the sales tax comes off when you use coupons.  So I will be happy saying we would have spent $10 on just the items with coupons.

Happy Shopping!  I can't wait to get to go coupon shopping again.

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