Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homeschool Week in Review

Last week I wrote about my frustrations of being away from home so much and feeling like we weren't getting much schoolwork in.

The week ended up better than I thought as I did end up getting to stay home 2 days of the week.  Both of those days we did get in all subjects.  That is such a nice feeling!

One of the other days when I had running to do, we took schoolwork in the car with us.  I have to take my mom a lot of places, so Jasmine and I can work on schoolwork while she is inside different places.  That actually ends up working out quite well.

Let me explain a little bit---I do a lot of reading out loud to Jasmine.  Yes, she is almost 15, and perfectly capable of reading to herself.  However, I enjoy reading out loud to her and learning along with her.  Also, her learning style has proven that she gets more out of being read out loud to than reading it herself.

On one of our trips away from home Jasmine took her laptop along.  It seems she is writing a story that I didn't even know about.  She was up to chapter 3.  I will ask her to share her story with me once it's done....and I plan on sharing it online as well.

For the weekend Jasmine went off to a youth convention with the youth group she attends.  Those are always educational, but also physical.  They played lots of games, did lots of walking and swam too.  This is helpful for our PE time.

Lesson learned---rant all I want, but in the long run, learning is going on all the time regardless of whether I feel it is or not.  Relax, have a good time, and don't sweat the small stuff.

This week is looking great and it's only Tuesday, but I will be reporting on that last week.  I'm hoping to start getting some pictures taken.  I have done squidoo lenses with our journals.  This year I'm doing just one lens but haven't taken the time to get it started yet.

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