Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 8/27/11

I am a lot later today getting my shop hop post done but I was out having a blast all morning and in to the afternoon.  I actually got to go all over to yard sales today!!  Yeah, I'm excited.  I will be doing a post at a later time with photos of my buys.  I got LOTS of material and things for my quilts and crafts.  You know what that means??  It means now I must find the time to get to work on things, get them made, and get them listed in my stores.

This past week I did a few things towards my business.

I added just one new listing to my etsy store:
I added just one more item to my zibbet store as well:
I put up some box tops for education on listia:
Winner will receive 25 Box Tops for Education
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