Monday, August 22, 2011

Walgreen's and Wal Mart Coupon Shopping 8/20 and 8/22

I want to apologize as I didn't take photos of either of these shopping trips---I know the posts are quite as boring when you actually see what the person got for the said amount of money.

Let's start with my Walgreen's shopping today since I only bought 4 items.

I had a list in mind, but changed my mind on how much I wanted to spend once I got there.  I decided to use the majority of the $7 in RR's from last week to get us some much needed cat litter.
I ended up with:

Dial Nutriskin Body wash on sale for $3.99 with $3 back in RR's.
Sharpie pen .39 with Walgreen's coupon
Pencil Sharpener .39 with Walgreen's coupon
Scoopable cat litter $5.99
I used 3 RR's from last week totaling $7.  I paid $4.63 including .87 sales tax and came home with $3 in RR's.    Not the best trip, but less than the cat litter alone would have cost me and still $3 to spend towards next week's shopping.

Now on to Wal Mart where I bought what seemed like a ton of things!  Let's start with the items that I bought with coupons:

2 bags of Sour Patch candy, $1.97 each, used $1/2 coupon--not a real bargain at $1.47 a bag but treat for my teen.
3 packs of Trident gum at .96 each.  I used $2/3 coupon making them .28 and .29 each.
Tic Tacs at $1.04 using $1 coupon making them .04
3 regular size bags of m&m's at .74 each.  I used the $1.25/3 coupon making them .32  (couldn't help it, coupon was going to expire and I wanted a treat for myself.)
Carnation Instant Breakfast at $4.96, used $1 coupon making it $3.96
6 Travel size Garnier shampoos and conditioners at .97 each.  I used 6-$1 coupons leaving me with .18 overage.
Pert shampoo travel size for .97, used $1 coupon for .03 overage.
2 Degree travel size deoderants at .97 using 2-$1 coupons for .06 overage.
I then did also buy 2 more of the Degree using the .75 coupons making them .22 each (great stocking stuffers!)
Tide 1 load at .97, used $1 couopn for .03 overage.
3 Gain 40 ct fabric softner sheets at $1.77, used 3-$1 coupons making them .77 each.
Just for Men--used free coupon
Glade aerosol at .98 using $1 coupon for .02 overage.
2 Carefree pantyliners at .94 each, used 2-.50 coupons making them .44 each.
U by Kotex at $1.24, used $1 coupon making them .24
Bayer Advanced at $3.74 used $2 coupon making it $1.74.  Mailing in for $1.74 refund.
4 Whiskas wet cat food at .55 each, used 2- B1G1F coupons, making them .275 each.
Temptations cat treats at $1.74, used $1 coupon so .74.

Bought without coupons:
2 tee shirts on clearance for $1 each.
4 pack of Wal Mart canned cat food at $1.28
Wal Mart dry cat food at $1.50
Fabric at $1.25 for an order
Edwards 2 pack single serving pie slices at $2.38--I had a coupon for $1 off, not realizing it had expired.  I should have put these back but they sounded so good.
Deli sandwich at $2.50 (for Jasmine's lunch)
20 oz Mello Yellow at $1.48 (for Jasmine's lunch)

Here is the good news about this trip!  I spent $33.42 including sales tax but I saved $34.57 with coupons!!  That means that even with sales tax I saved over 50%.  I am very please with this!

Until next time, happy shopping and saving!

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