Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard Sale Bargains--all this for under $23!!

Until today I've only been to maybe 4 yard sales all season.  I've just not have cash on me to spend.
I was thrilled last night when my daughter told me that  a lot of the sales were advertising craft things.  She asked if I had any money and if I wanted to go with them.

We left this morning just before 8 am.  We hit about 20 or so sales and got home about 12:30 pm.  It was really hot by then.

Here is my haul:
 Dora sheet and pillowcase for $2 (will be turned into fabric bags) and a large box of fabric--$2!!
 Photo album still in wrapper--$1  Skirt  .25
 $2 for a box of shiny fabric and fine netting.  Also had a mirror and 2 roses in the box.
 $5 for this box of fabric.  Individual prices came to over $10
 $1 for this box full of fabric.  Some nice pieces in here!
 $1 for this box of soft material (I will use it on the inside of a quilt) $1 for a yard total of fabric.
 Pantyhose for .10, pillowcase for .25, flip flops for .25 and a blanket for $1
 3 curtain panels .50 each (these will also be made in to fabric bags)  Scott Foresman 3rd grade science set for $1, Science puzzles book .25, Math on the Moon set .25, and Oregon Trail 5th edition still in wrapper for .25
soft material for .75 (going to put this inside a lap quilt) bag of hair accessories for .10, and a thread container, including thread and such for $1

Not pictured is 3 Garden magazines and 7 Mardi Gras necklaces at .10 each .  She charged me .90 instead of $1.

All this for a total of $22.85!!!   Can we say that now I really need to concentrate on finding time for my crafting?  I know I can.   
I already had enough supplies to keep me busy for about 3 it's 4 or 5 years.

I had so much fun.  Now, where am I going to stash this stuff?  My oldest granddaughter, Ariel, says in my craft room corner.  I told her that corner is already stuffed.

Have you found any awesome yard sale bargains lately?  Share them with me in the comments and if you've posted about them, please share the link too!  Hey!  These make great posts to add to my Frugal Friday link up as well.

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