Thursday, August 25, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 8/25/11--Linky

It's Thursday already this week!

You won't believe it but I did get some work done in squidoo this past week.  I almost don't believe it myself.

First I updated My Toothbrush Rugs with a couple more photos.  I still plan on making that rug bigger but for now that is on hold.

I finally got in and did the final update on Our Homeschool Journey Part 5.  Now I need to get a lens started for this school year.  I am still thinking just one lens for the entire school year where I share the books we use as well as put in some pics of Jasmine throughout the school year.

Then, I happened across My Home Town, Hutchinson, KS  on wikipedia so added some more things in to that lens.

Finally, I actually built a new lens.  This one is Finance Without Fear.  It's a book review lens.  I did the post here on my blog then hopped right over to make the lens.  They provided me with a media kit of information with the book so it was fairly easy to put together.  I forgot to add the disclaimer (do I need that for squidoo?  If so I need to get it added to all my book reviews.)  I also need to add the donation module now that I know what module to put in. (Thanks Ruthi)  

I am still wanting to add the donation module to a lot of my lenses so that might be a good project for the next week to get some updating done.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to this past week.....go and see some more lenses....and learn something new too.

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