Monday, May 23, 2011

Mailbox Monday 5/23/11

I sure didn't get the volume of mail in this past week that I've gotten the previous 3 weeks.  I switched my hausernet account to our house instead of my mother's address.  This leaves me pretty well starting over with their program.  However, I'm happy that I did get in 2 magazines from them to this address.  The other 3 pieces came to my mom's address, of which they tell me to keep inputting that data as well, and that I will still get paid for it. (If I see an check anytime soon anyway)
I received:
People magazine
Sports Illustrated magazine
3 other pieces of hausernet mail
Coupon for 2 free cans of Fancy Feast from recyclebank --(has anyone else ordered mulitple coupons at once?  I ordered a total of 5 between the Friskies and Fancy Feast but have only gotten in the one.  I'm wondering where the other 4 coupons are.)
Let's Eat Cookbook--won through a gather post--review will be coming soon.
Jerky Direct autoship (paid for by my downline)
Coupons for Covergirl from a blog I read.
That's it!  I almost can't believe it.

In my email I rec'd $14.45 paypal from clixsense and money to my paypal for a craft order.

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