Thursday, May 26, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 5/26/11

Happy Thursday to all!   After the storms, I woke up this morning to a solid blue sky.  I do have to say that I hope it stays that way for awhile.

I hope, if you are reading these posts, that you will help me spread the word about this hop each week.  Place the button on your own blog or do a post about it.  Join along in the linky and keep me and others busy with squidoo.

I have tried to be busier with squidoo this past week.
First of all, I would like to ask you to visit Our Unschooling Journey 3--  I am finding this one to be "in the pink" with it's ranking too low to show up in searches and such.  I just looked through it and it sure brought back a lot of memories for both me and Jasmine from 2 years ago.

I updated My Toothbrush Rugs lens with a couple more photos.  I have 2 more updates planned for this lens.  The last one being the completed rug.  That will be awhile as I have some other projects that must come first.

I updated my Helen Steiner Rice lens.  I was updating it to change the amazon to my own affiliate links.  I have since found out that the links aren't working now like they were.  I did add another section of books while I was there as well.  However, I hope you will still visit.  This lens has been my top lens for a long time, and the only one that has stayed 10,000 and below in ranking.  Right now it's below 2000 on ranking!

I updated my Jerky Direct Business Opportunity lens to add in 2 new products.  I will update again once the products are available next month.  Jerky Direct has been good to me over the years so I really want to spend more time getting the word out about this lens and working to build my business. 

I built just one new lens-- This Day in History May 25.  I did this one in honor of my brothers birthday.  The gal that usually puts out the lists that I use to build with hasn't put one out for awhile now.  I found another list by someone in gather but the entire list was boring.  So, I did a search on my own and picked some of what I found to be interesting.  I have fun with these.

When someone clicks on this banner, they are taken to the info page about the blog hop.  I now include a link to the current week on this page.

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