Monday, May 23, 2011

Walgreen's and A Little More Grocery Shopping 3/23/11

I made my trip to Walgreen's this morning.  I only bought 3 items:
Pure Silk shave cream on sale for $1.99 with $1.50 back in RR's
Tone Body Wash on sale for $3.99 with $3 back in RR's
Scunchi hair ties on sale for $2 with $2 back in RR's.

I didn't have any coupons, but I used my $4.50 in RR's from my previous trip.  I spent $4.12 out of pocket and got back $6.50 in RR's for my next shopping, so I am happy.

Yesterday while shopping I had seen that the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce was on sale for just $1 a bottle.  I passed it by but once home and cutting and sorting the coupons from yesterday paper, I noticed a $1 off coupon.  I had 2.  I started on my little trek of seeing what else to buy.

I ended up buying:
Driscoll Strawberries, $2.50, used .50 coupon printed from their website making them $1.50
2- Fancy Feast Medleys cat food, used free coupon from recycle bank
2- Suave deoderant, regular price of $1.06, used 2-.50 coupons making them just .06 each
2-Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, on sale for $1, used 2-$1 coupons.

I paid just $2.12 out of pocket.  I used a total of $6.98 in coupons.  87% savings including sales and coupons!  You know I had to do it!

Pictured are the items from both trips.

Happy Shopping!
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