Thursday, May 26, 2011

RoseArt's New Craft Kits at Target for Limited Time!

RoseArt® introduces their all-new Activity Kits, sold exclusively at Target stores, for a limited time only, May 22 through July 9, 2011. RoseArt® activity kits inspire creativity and encourage kids to get in touch with their inner-crafter by providing everything needed to create the fun projects pictured on each box!

 The 7 Days of Fun kits challenge kids to create one craft a day for an entire week. The Me & You Activity Kits include everything needed for two crafters to create together, providing a great bonding activity for kids with their parents, friends, siblings, grandparents and babysitters! Project themes include Paint Your Own Wood Cars, Create Your Own Kaleidoscopes, Pin Wheels, Pen Sand Art, Color Surprise Art, among several others.

These will be great to keep your child busy over the summer now that school is out!  Head on over to Target and buy your set(s)
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