Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday May 22

Good Morning!
I was trying to sleep in this morning, but my grandson stayed with his dad last night and had to be dropped off early before he went to work. He brought home a cute little baby turtle...can we make is survive?

Yesterday was one of my odd days. It seems that once I get up off the computer then I just can't get back in to my groove of getting things done. I was off here a LOT yesterday, but somehow I managed to get through all of my daily cards, which includes both housework and internet sites I do. Did I stay off the mahjong game? NO! all afternoon when I did have time to get on the computer I was playing the game. I did most everything from after supper until bedtime. Nice to know that it can be done without me spending every waking hour on here. Maybe now I can relax more.

Today's goal is the heavy cleaning here in the basement and to get through my gmail....and I mean completely through it! Right now my pregnant daughter is wanting me to make pancakes and that does sound good so up to the kitchen I go.

Here's to a fantastic start to your weekend!
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