Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19

Good Morning!
It's a good thing I got done what I did yesterday morning. No sooner than I had my lunch that guy brought me the car....which brought on being gone a lot. I took it to my son's to have him look at it again, took it to the tire guy and replaced one of the tires, and took my mom to transfer the insurance. It's a 1989 Ford Thunderbird. The body is somewhat beat up but not enough to make it look too bad. The interior is torn up on the dash. And,it still needs a lot of wiring work for the electrical stuff, but I am hoping to keep this one. He has the car again to try to fix the loose wire that is making one brake light not work all the time.

Really I have no other news today. If I get the car back I will take my mom to the dr this afternoon. Otherwise I just want to concentrate a lot today on the websites I do to earn and attempt to get as much done as I can in my gmail. I also want to get some things priced for the yard sale. I hope to get all the books on the huge bookcase looked through before the end of the week. I can't move all the books with us as there is no place to keep them.

I cashed out at gather yesterday for $25 in amazon after getting my last $50 card I cashed out for in yesterday's mail. I'm real close to buying the laptop at amazon, but I am afraid not close enough to be able to order it by the first week of June, which was my goal. I just checked and I still need to get in at least another $75 in amazon. hhmmmm

I'm off for today...have a great day!
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