Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday May 20

Good Morning! Technically, I can't say that for myself. I won't really go into it except to say I thought I finally was going to have a vehicle and now the cylinoid is probably out. If you want to read my Morning Rant feel free to do so over on gather.

On a good is the last day of school!!!! Which means the alarm no loner has to be set for 6:45 and I no longer have the worry of Allen not getting to bed on time and him not wanting to get up in the morning for school! woo hoo!!! The girls still have school tomorrow, but mostly it's just a fun day and their Headstart graduation. I'm glad they decided to let other schools out a day early (due to construction needing to get started) so that Allen can go watch his little sisters graduation. Will I have the car back to drive? I might if all they have to do is change the cylinoid and they get it done.

No plans today outside the house. It's laundry day and I still hope to get more things priced and ready for the yard sale coming up.

For now I am off in my attempt to make some money...I sure need to make some sales and earn on some of my other sites. Speaking of that, I guess squidoo took away the $10 minimum to get paid? I found the $5.23 that I made this month in my paypal last night. I'm sure fine with that. I've been using my paypal to put gas in these cars he's let me drive over the weekend, then gas in the Thunderbird yesterday and need to "restock" my paypal now.

Have a good day!
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