Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday May 21

Good Morning!
I didn't get to sleep in on this first day of public school being out. My son called me late last night to tell me he needed a ride to court early this morning.
I came home from that and did my usual Larry Burkett post on gather, but I also put in my Grocery Shopping 5/20/09 as well.

If only I could ever for once have all my coupons cut and at least in my abc file box I would sure be much better off. I have to find myself searching in the file box, in my stack of uncut coupons and in my binder when preparing for a shopping trip. It's very time consuming all the way around, but well worth it in the end.

I am so ready to just fall back into bed! I just got back from picking up my son again. He's going to work to get my lawnmower running and also check the brakes on the Thunderbird as they squeal. Outside plans today include Ariel and Araya's Headstart graduation and taking my mom to her dr. appt. I will get a nap in here shortly if I can.

I am promising myself only a very few games at iwon...yeah right, I say that every day. Can I do it? I really need to be concentrating on selling things and the paid to click sites where I actually earn, not playing a game where I only have the very slightest chance of winning something playing.

I'm off for today as now we need to go get a little gas for the run run.

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