Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday May 23

Good Morning. It should be another good day weather wise. They are calling for some rain tomorrow and Monday for the holiday.
Tomorrow we are going to Great Bend with my boyfriend and his family for a family reunion. I may or may not find time before we leave to post here.

I did some updating in squidoo yesterday to these lenses: Superdove, Gather--The BEST in Social Networking, and Crash. Today I will build the 3rd lens in our Unschooling Journey series.

I'm heading next to update the relistings of my books on then it's off to play my spins on Winster for the day. I've already played my limit of the mahjong on iwon this morning before I even started doing anything else on the computer.

I have this big fuzzy cat laying on lap. He thinks he's a tough guy and goes outside trying to chase away the stray neighborhood cats, but he is getting all torn up. I am trying to keep him inside!

I'm going to end now as Saturday at home and on the computer is a short day now. I have lots I need to get done before we head to Steve's for the evening.
Have one awesome Saturday,
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