Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday February 21

Good Morning! I don't know about the weather. It's a cold, crisp, windy day out there now under a blue sky. It was a nice spring like day yesterday, but last night the winds were so high they were howling through the house.

All my plans today have to do with the computer...updating at squidoo, doing what I can on gather. While one here I will be crocheting on one of the other plarn patterns I want to try. I cut the plastic bags for it yesterday.

I got 2 magnetic bracelets made and listed on blujay yesterday. Therefore I decided to update my blujay squidoo lens. Marsha's Blujay

I'm excited to be able to drive to church tomorrow morning! As of now, the van is still running, and I am still praying it continues to run until April when my son is out and can assess well as while I try to save the money up needed towards getting it fixed!

Today will be short and sweet so that I can move on to my other projects.
Have a great Saturday!
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