Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday February 17

Yay! It's no longer a holiday so we will get mail today and the bank will be open. Yesterday seemed like such a long day. I did get a lot done though.

Today's plans include getting to the bank to cash my check, taking my daughter's boyfriend to cash his check and buy a few things, taking my mom to her dr. appt, and then bowling this evening. I already did most of my housework for the day, so any time home can be spent here on the computer.

Here is a post I did on gather on how my Valentines Day went. Dinner, a Movie and a Quilt Mat

I didn't do much at all on squidoo yesterday. I did update the unschooling journey lens on Saturday as well as my hometown lens. I added a couple more pics and a featured lens module to my hometown lens. I think it's looking better. Hutchinson, Kansas Now I just need to figure out how to twitter it when I update or build. The message said my twitter setting weren't right. I changed them but maybe it just takes time to take affect so I will check that out again today.

It's supposed to be a high of 67 today. It's rather cloudy out, but then again, the temp is to drop to a high of 42 tomorrow. I hope the weather is improving where the rest of you all are. I know some places have been hit hard by winter!

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