Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday February 18

Good Morning. We sure enjoyed the 72º weather yesterday. Today's high is in the 40's.
It ended up being a strange day for sure. I left the house about noon, and I was so busy running I didn't even get back on the computer until this morning! All sites I had opened and was working in were still here. Days away from the computer like that are probably good for me every now and then.
The only place I plan on going today is to take the girls to Awanas this evening!! Otherwise I'm going to see just what I can do and earn on the computer.

I got some great mail yesterday! I got a prize package from a gather member for a contest she ran. I also got my grand prize (plus other prizes) package from the Under the Rainbow Sweetheart Celebration. (Don't forget, we are taking sign ups now for the Spring Fling Celebration at Under the Rainbow )

I'm figuring out twitter, I think it will be a nice asset to get my posts and lenses seen more. Just get those followers up there!

I updated my homeschooling lens yesterday on squidoo. I added a featured lenses module. Each day I am updating one lens. Homeschooling

Off I go.....have a great day no matter what you are doing today!
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