Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday February 19

Good Morning! Yesterday seemed super cold because the wind was blowing so hard. So far this morning it's cold out but just a breeze...makes a big difference on how cold I feel.
I ended up not only taking the girls to Awanas yesterday evening but taking my daughter and granddaughters to the health dept to get signed up for WIC..that was an unexpected 2 hours away from home. The only place I should have to go today is to take my mom to the doctor.
I still have most of my housework to do yet this morning, which includes sorting and putting away 4 loads of laundry!

I need to get busy and get more posting done on gather other than my usual 2 posts that I do each day. I have several photos on my camera to share.
It boils down to me trying to do way too many thing both online and offline!

Yesterday I updated my online parties squidoo lens. Online Parties

How about an early start to the weekend? There is no school here tomorrow for an inservice day for the teachers. wahoo!! that means I can sleep in a bit in the morning!

Have a great day!

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