Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday April 4

Good Morning! Typing in my blog real quick before we head out to the library book sale. Man, finding a ride was tough. Actually we have a ride to the library then my mom has to work to find us a ride home. This sucks (for lack of a better word) not having my own transportation. I must make enough money to get the van running again.
Yesterday my brother called pretty much at the last minute saying he did have to drive the school bus and couldn't take us to the funeral. We did find another ride, getting there right after it started.

I'm very disappointed...hardly anyone showed up for the Spring Fling yesterday. I've been blogging about it for a couple weeks and getting the word out. The last day is Monday, at which time I present my crafts in the evening. I'm including the button again in hopes some of you will read this and consider coming in Monday.
If you have any ideas of other places I can get the word out, please let me know!
Under The Rainbow Spring Fling!

I'm heading out to the library now, and once home I will be busy scanning, looking up and listing books.

The weather is to be awesome today here in Kansas. Tomorrow is a different story. Have a great Saturday!
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