Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday March 31

Good Morning!
Amazingly, almost all the snow from the snowstorm over the weekend is now melted...all 18 inches! Jasmine and I walked to the store yesterday.
I was really disappointed when I went in to the Spring Fling yesterday to find out that it was cancelled....I had worked so hard preparing for it and advertising it, and well, was really in hopes of making some money selling things to work towards getting the van running again. But, the owners son was in an accident and family does have to come first. I've not heard anything yet on how her son is, or if yesterday will be rescheduled to another day. The Spring Fling is set for day 2 tomorrow, however, yesterday was the only time I was scheduled to present my crafts.

Tonight is bowling....just 2 more weeks after this week. I will miss my weekly night out, but at the same time appreciate the break over the summer months. Just so much I am trying to do.

I didn't really get anything done...a couple extra posts on gather, one to say I was going to have a busy day, then another one telling about the Spring Fling being cancelled. I didn't do anything on squidoo other than rate and comment on a few lenses of others. Can we say non-productive? I did finish the plarn shopping bag, and will get it listed in my blujay store today. I'm going to cut all my netting while working on here today to get as many dish scrubbies made as I can.

I guess that's about all my news for today folks. Have a great Tuesday!
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