Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday April 2

Good Morning. It's cold and windy out and they are saying chance of snow before noon. Oh boy. This is shopping day, but we aren't in dire need of anything so I don't think Jasmine and I will be walking today. I don't have my list and coupons ready anyway.

I felt so unproductive yesterday. I know that I got things done, it just didn't seem like I did. I hope to feel productive today. I've already gotten a lot of the housework done and out of the way this morning, but still need to clean under the furniture according to my cards.

I guess I am obligated to make a funeral home visit this afternoon, we have a cousin that passed away. We've found a ride to get there. The service is tomorrow. I do want to see the relatives that live out of state and we haven't seen for years. That's a sad thing to say in the matter of a death isn't it? Sometimes that's the only time you see relatives.

The Spring Fling day that was cancelled has been rescheduled to Monday the 6th. That is when I will present. Here is the link to my vendor table. My specials are good through Monday of 10% discount. And, don't forget, my craft pricing includes shipping. Gifts Galore and More Vendor Table
Tomorrow the Spring Fling also continues and I hear rumor that the Easter Bunny will be there to do the live prize drawings on camera. Speaking of which, I won a prize yesterday...a years membership to Send Out Cards.

I also updated my Sample Gal squidoo lens yesterday. She has an awesome special going until April 5. It's at the top in a black box, you can't miss it. Sample Gal

I think that is all of my news today. My mom just told me it is snowing outside. She also just turned off my lights down here like I'm not down here or something....mothers!
Have a great Thursday!
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