Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday March 1

March is here...come on and march in spring! It's no spring weather here today in Kansas. Current temp is 20 then says it feels like 9. I believe it!
Our cat, Nymphadora is in the process of having her kittens. I am taking photos as each is born, which I will share in a photo essay.
I took quite a few photos and videos at the bowling banquet last night. That was fun.
It's been a pretty lazy day all the way around. I am doing more messing than anything else.

I'm going to be busy putting in all the videos and photos that I can in to gather. I also still have to update the unschooling journey squidoo lens and choose another lens to update as well.

On that note, since it's late in the afternoon, I will close today's posting for now. Have a great Sunday :)

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