Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6

Good Morning! It did indeed get into the 80's yesterday, it was awesome. I know it will be a bit cooler today but still in the 70's. My computer it showing it to be 57 right now.
I'm so glad that Friday is here...and even happier that next week is Spring break week! That means a week of being able to stay up later if I'm not quite finished on here, and not having to have the alarm set in the mornings!

Yesterday was a full day. We found out that Elizabeth is having a boy, which is what we were all hoping for. We did some shopping at Wal Mart after the appointment. I talked my mom into going to the dr. this morning instead of yesterday. We ran so behind by the time we got done running it was time to pick the kids up from school. The van really just needed a rest. I have to hurry and finish typing this and get her to her appt.

I want to share 2 gather posts with you today since I didn't manage to get around to doing any work at squidoo.
The first one is the start of my gift stash with photos. Items for My Gift Stash

The next one is a great Christian Devotion if you are interested. TGIF Christian Devotion

Ta Ta for's to a great start to your weekend!
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