Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2's Monday again. Those darn sleep alarms kept going off and off again until finally I realized Allen only had 15 minutes to get dressed and off to school for breakfast. Next week is spring break but I can't wait for summer to not have to worry about this getting up so early!
It's supposed to warm up a bit more today than yesterday, but right now it's 15ยบ out is all.

I got really busy going through my gmail yesterday but I still have over 4500 emails to clear it out and then with any good fortune figure out how to keep up with it each day. I also got really busy with gather, I posted 9 videos, 1 photo essay and 2 posts! I got to work it as much as I can each day and get that laptop earned!

Here is the photo essay I did. It's Nymphadora as she had the kittens. Nymphadora Had Her Kitten Photo Essay

I updated 2 squidoo lenses as well yesterday. One was our unschooling journey. When I get 10 weeks in I will start a new lens for the next 10 weeks. Our Unschooling Journey

I've done some dishes this morning but haven't done any of the other daily housework. I'm off to get that done before continuing on with my internet stuff.

Have a great start to your week!
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